Eddie Williams, like all children, loved the sound of music.  His Mother, Jean and Step-Father, Leroy, were music lovers and music could be heard in the household either on the radio, record player or the television because the musical Dance and Variety shows were at the top of their favorite programs.  Eddie listened to the radio and collected records like all kids and did not really show any interest in wanting to play music until he heard “Green Onions” by Booker T. and The MG’s, that was the song that ignited the flame of wanting to play a musical instrument for Eddie…which was the Organ.  After hearing “Green Onions”, Eddie was not only interested in how good the music sounded but in how it was created by the players of the instruments.  Eddie really wanted to learn to play the Organ but his Mother told him that an Organ was just a bit too expensive for her to buy, so his next choice was the Guitar and she said that was OK.


Eddie was 12 years old when he began formal guitar lessons in 1965, in Long Beach, California, under the instruction of William Mozaka, a well-respected concert Guitarist and Teacher.  Having nothing but the desire to learn, Eddie started his first lesson with William on an individual basis because, Eddie did not know how to read, count or properly tune his Guitar.  After a few private lessons to get Eddie up to speed, He joined one of William’s “new students” Guitar classes.  At the beginning of the class all of the students were on the same page of their lesson books, but after a couple of months of study, Eddie started advancing at an alarming rate.  By the time Eddie’s parents were getting ready to relocate to another area, Eddie was one complete lesson book ahead of the rest of students in the class.


Eddie played music all through High School.  In Fresno, He played with his school Jazz Band, formed combos with fellow students and worked with Kirk Kirkland and The Royals”, a professional Band that performed at Clubs, Restaurants and Military Bases in  the Central California areas.  That was the extent of playing his Mother would allow, she would periodically remind Eddie that He was only 14 years old and getting his “Formal education” was just as important as his “Music”…education or experience.


After moving from Fresno to San Jose California, while attending San Jose High School, Eddie joined “The Gemini”, a local Band based in Milpitas and managed by “Johnny Quick”, the no.1 DJ on FM radio station KSOL.  While working with “The Gemini”, Eddie, because of his musical background and knowledge, also got the opportunity to work some shows with two world famous singing groups, “The Penguins” and “The Olympics”.  After leaving “The Gemini”, Eddie continued working with local bands and singing groups.


At the age of 16, Eddie began Jazz Guitar Improvisation and Music Theory at Maple Leaf Music in Saratoga California. Eddie studied from 1969-1972 under the instructions of Bud Dimick, who Eddie considers to be one of the best Teachers and performers in America.  Eddie was first introduced to the intermediate Guitar Teacher, who happened to the son of the owner and Principal Teacher of the school, Bud Dimick.  At the end of the first lesson, which actually turned into a “Jam” between him and Eddie, He said, “Let me introduce you to my Dad because I can’t teach you any more than you already know and you play as well as I do”.


In 1973 Eddie decided to go on a tour with the California Malibus, A very popular singing group from the Stockton-Sacramento area.  Eddie started out as just the guitarist in the band but, after the undertaking of a few unforeseen events, Eddie also became the primary Bassist on the Malibus’ Shows and filled in as Musical Director when their present Director had to take a personal leave-of-absence.  After a long and successful tour with the Malibus, Eddie returned home to San Jose and joined up with the Mighty, Mighty Ballads, a famous Singing Group from San Francisco that had the million-seller hit, “God Bless Our Love” on the charts and had also appeared in the movie, “The Mack”.  Once again after the undertaking of a few unforeseen events, like personnel changes in the band, Eddie became the Musical Director for the group. After recruiting some very competent musicians to reform the band, The Ballads and Eddie made a long and successful tour of the greater Western USA.


In 1977, after playing with a few local San Jose bands, Eddie joined Starfire Express, a

very successful band led by Ron Fields.  Ron was a former band member of the Del Phonics, The Manhattans, The O’jays and other famous singing groups from Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York.  Eddie and Ron also became best friends and song writing partners, the relationship is still intact today.  Starfire Express was retired in 1980 after a successful tour in Canada


The end of Starfire Express was the beginning of the exploration of electronic music production for Eddie.  It started with a simple non-programmable Drum Machine.  Over time as technology produced the instruments Eddie had already imagined and made plans to use, his dream of becoming the ultimate One-Man-Band began to take shape.  As his interest, skill and desire to create realistic sounding music with the machines grew. So did the size and complexity of his system.  When Eddie purchased his first Roland MC-500 Digital Sequencer in 1983 that was the beginning of the “dream” coming true.  All of his musical ideas could be recorded, perfected and played back exactly as they were originally conceived and the quality and style of music he always wanted to present to his audience was now possible!


Eddie attended Western Technical College in Van Nuys, CA where he earned a Diploma in Computer Repair and Digital Electronics.  But Eddie’s electronics education actually began in Junior High School and he has been a perpetual student ever since.  After graduating from San Jose High School, He attended San Jose State University for Electronics Engineering.  In 1976, Eddie began working for Nortel Inc. as a bench technician and later on was promoted to production Supervisor after upgrading his electronics education at Mission College in Santa Clara CA.  Eddie stayed with the Nortel for ten years.


In 1986 Eddie relocated to North Hollywood where he successfully began performing as a One-Man Band at some of the local upscale Hotels, Restaurants and Lounges in the greater Los Angeles area.  In 1995 He returned to Northern California and has settled in Hayward, which is centrally located in the East Bay and very close to the active music scene of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.  At the present time, Eddie is performing, writing and composing his music to the high standard of excellence he placed upon himself from the beginning.  In July 2002, Eddie’s constant pursuit of excellence took him to a new level of the entertainment world when he was contracted to perform on board the Carnival Cruise Ship. “Ecstasy”, which turned out to be very exciting and rewarding.  Performing on the Cruise Ship was like working in Las Vegas for Eddie.


The pursuit of excellence has been exciting, frustrating, rewarding and satisfying.  The only thing that never entered Eddie’s mind on the road the perfection was a certain perception by his audience…what’s perception is that, you may ask?  Well, people often ask Eddie…”Are you really playing and singing or is it a CD?  Why do they ask?  Because Eddie’s performance is much more polished than most people expect and if you are not looking, you actually feel like you are listening to a large, well rehearsed band.  In reality, you are listening to…Eddie Williams’ Music Ensemble…The Ultimate One-Man-Band.


The Music Ensemble consists of Eddie Williams, his Guitar, Saxophone and a state-of the-art Multi-channel computer driven music system. Of which he is sole owner and operator.  As his interest, skill and desire to create realistic music sounding music with the machines grew. So did the size and complexity of his system.  The Music Ensemble is the results of hard work, long hours and the passion for perfection……It’s great at this point in time, but It’s still getting better as technology grows!